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A place to meet and to discover, to teach and to learn, to be still, to be creative, to enjoy nature, to relax, to exercise, to eat, to celebrate and to spend the night.


Located on the outskirts of Bern and with a 200-year old history as an educational center, Landguet Ried links modern conveniences with traditional charm and the experience of nature.

As a seminar and meeting center the Landguet Ried Foundation offers modern conference rooms, with guest rooms of various standards, a multi-use hall equipped with a stage, various group meeting and seminar rooms and an extensive outdoor facility, including a playground and a sports field.

It is a unique environment for many celebrations!
Here you will find, whether you come as a group or as an individual guest, all the necessary infrastructure needed to support your meetings, seminars, courses, training sessions, and celebrations.

In addition, Landguet Ried offers the opportunity to rest, relax and be inspired by nature – through walks, exercise, or meditation. It is also possible to treat yourself by making an appointment with our resident masseuse for a personalised healing massage.

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