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Mindfulness In Society


Mindfulness is transforming the way we live, work, heal and lead.

This conference will ally scientific research and contemplative methods, and will serve as a platform for practitioners of various sectors of society to exchange and share success stories on how this millennial practice is contributing to the creation of a more conscious and compassionate society.

Dr. Olga Klimecki of the University of Geneva, an affective neuroscientist following on the steps of Dr. Richard Davidson and Prof. Tania Singer, will present the most exciting aspects of her research that focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms that shape social emotions in adaptive ways, by incorporating methods from psychology, neuroscience, and economy.

Further, a multidisciplinary group of mindfulness trainers, scientists, and mindfulness corporate consultants will share the most exciting aspects of their work.  A unique opportunity to informally meet and network with professionals of the business, health and education fields to explore how they are already implementing mindfulness interventions in their work.