In horse-supported coaching, we work with horses as mirrors of ourselves. Since horses communicate exclusively through body language and instinct, they can see immediately through our intentions and feelings and are able to give totally honest and non-judgmental feedback. 

We reveal unconscious patterns of thought and blockages and promote direct access to ourselves and our emotions.

Thus, this type of coaching can help you if you:

- want to know who you are.

- want to know what is preventing you from developing your true personality.

- want to understand how authenticity can change your life

- want to finally live up to your full potential.

- want to improve the relationship with yourself and others

- want to experience unconditional love

Price: 100 CHF/h

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Anja Bovisi is a federal horse expert and trained as an equestrian trainer at the Franziska Müller Academy. She enriches her training in the field of personal development and equestrian coaching with regular internships and training.