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Vipassana-Meditation (Winter Retreat)

Approaching emptiness and the nature of reality
Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche

The experience of emptiness is one of the most puzzling aspects of Buddha’s teachings; while we can intuitively relate to the truth of impermanence to some extent, it is difficult for most of us to understand the notion of emptiness which is often likened to a big vacuum or some sort of state of deprivation; yet, according to Buddha’s teachings, the experience of emptiness plays a central role in liberating beings from pain and suffering.
During this end-of-year retreat, Dungsey Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoché will guide participants into exploring the experience of emptiness as the key insight into transforming our lives. Building on basic teachings and guided practice, he will train participants into developing “ways of looking” that help free the mind from conceptual fabrication.


Prerequisite: meditation experience

Rates: 270€ / 295 CHF For members: 185€ /200 CHF Prices excluding accommodation and meals. Please see the registration form for rates and conditions.

Later Event: February 17
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