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The Meaning of the "Guru" in Tibetan Buddhism

Little understood in western spiritual traditions, the figure of the Guru plays an essential role in the Buddhist tradition in general, and in Tantric Buddhism in particular. It is said that the Guru is superior to the Buddhas in that only he or she can show the engaged student the nature of their own mind. The Guru carries the spiritual authority and blessing of the lineage, which is transmited through initiation, and of which he or she is the guardian.

With Dungsey Gyetrul Jigmé Rinpoché

Organized by the Ripa International Center

Normal price :        170 CHF

Reduced price*     130 CHF

·       Students/AVS/AI/AC

Prices exclusive of accommodation and food.

Translation :

Teachings will be held in ENGLISH with simultaneous translation in GERMAN, SPANISH and FRENCH