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Qi-Qong, the way of calmness

« Qi » is invisible and dynamic energy, the vital energy that keeps us alive. Qi Gong is a long-life technique that optimizes our energy potential and develops the body's immune system.

A series of simple and slow movements provide well-being and serenity. Cultivating calmness and relaxation of the body, Qi Gong is a source of bene ts, especially to correct the e ects of stress. We will practice dynamic movements, static postures to strengthen Qi, meditations and relaxations, in this energy practice, which proposes to unify body, mind and breath.

With Agnès Cauquil-Moreau, certified teacher of the Qi Gong Federation and the Energetic Arts and the European Institute of Qi Gong.

Normal price :        140 CHF

Reduced price:       110 CHF (Students/AVS/AI/AC)

Prices exclusive of accommodation and food.

Please note that the seminar coud be cancelled in case of insufficient participants. A full refund will be issued by the organizer.

Teaching will be held in French with German translation (depending upon demand)