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Cultivating Mental and Emotional Well-Being: A Scientific and Experimental Approach

Based on a profound conceptual framework, the program called “The Wheel of Mental Balance” represents a collection of proven, practical methods. The main purpose of this programme is to develop mental and emotional balance and resilience in a modern context. It combines techniques and processes found in classical Buddhist texts, extracting the values of practical application without compromising the source materials. Based on traditional meditation practices, the programme incorporates and builds on insights stemming from current neuroscientific and clinical research.

The weekend is an introduction to “the Wheel” and is addressed to individuals and professionals of all walks of life wishing to discover or to deepen their knowledge and experience of meditation, and who would like to learn more about cultivating mental balance and resilience in daily life.

In order to fully benefit from the experience, we strongly recommend participants to stay on the premises overnight.

With Diego Hangartner

PRICE:     290CHF

Prices exclusive of accommodation and food.

In order to fully benefit from the course, this teaching is residential.

Please note that the seminar coud be cancelled in case of insufficient participants. A full refund will be issued by the organizer.

Translation :

Teachings will be held in German with translation in French.