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A Dialogue with Dr. Richard Davidson, Founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds


Dr. Richard Davidson, an internationally renown neuroscientist, pioneer of the research of the impact of meditation practice on human well-being, and author of numerous books, will visit Landguet Ried for a multidisciplinary dialogue to explore the intersections between meditation, health and well-being and the various ways in which this millennial practice can contribute to the emergence of a more conscious, caring and compassionate society; a special emphasis will be placed on the research carried out around meditation in the fields of education, health and business.

The event is designed as a platform for dialogue and exchange on the role that meditation practice can play in creating a more conscious, caring and compassionate society. In doing so, the aim is to raise awareness about the benefits that incorporating mindfulness practice can bring in various areas of society, from healthcare to education and corporate settings: raise awareness about the long-term benefits of establishing mindfulness practice as part of primary and secondary education curricula; collaborate with human resources departments, business schools and leadership consultants to include mindfulness as a tool for self-development; work with healthcare professionals to provide tools for empathy and stress reduction.

The event will gather representatives of the education local authorities, healthcare, corporates and the MBSR communities in Switzerland, Germany and France.

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