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6-day Residential Retreat with Dr. Alan Wallace - The Way of Shamatha: Soothing the Body, Calming the Mind, Illuminating Awareness


During this retreat, we will explore in theory and practice a range of methods for developing meditative quiescence, or shamatha. We will begin with the practice of mindfulness of the breathing as taught by the Buddha, which is an especially effective approach to soothing the body and calming the discursive mind. We will then explore an approach to shamatha that is particularly pertinent for Dzogchen practice, called “settling the mind in its natural state,” as taught by the nineteenth-century Dzogchen master Lerab Lingpa in his commentary to the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra.

Finally, we will engage in the practice of “shamatha without signs” as taught by Padmasambhava in his classic terma Natural Liberation. Although this subtle practice is taught explicitly as a means of achieving shamatha, Padmasambhava comments that it may even result in a realization of rigpa, or pristine awareness.

The achievement of shamatha is widely regarded in the Buddhist tradition as an indispensable foundation for the cultivation of contemplative insight (vipashyana), and this retreat is designed to provide students with a sufficient theoretical understanding and a basis in experience to enable them to proceed effectively toward this extraordinary state of mental and physical balance.

With Dr Alan Wallace, Ph.D in Religious Studies, scientist, Tibetan translator and author of numerous books. He is also a fully trained Buddhist monk, ordained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Alan is constantly searching for new ways to integrate Buddhist contemplative practices with western scientific methods.

Price: 460 CHF / 420 € 

Reduced price: 420 CHF / 390 € (students, unemployed, senior)

Excl. accommodation

The retreat is residential and implies staying at the Domain of Landguet Ried from Monday 22 January at 10 am till Sunday 28 January at 3 pm. An early arrival on Sunday 21 January is recommended if travelling from afar.

SAVE THE DATE June 19 to July 23, 2018

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