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RIPA Awareness Meditation workshop


By befriending one's own feelings, sensations, thoughts and behavioural patterns, without denying or judging them, the way is paved for acceptance towards oneself and others.

This workshop offers the possibility to experiment one's inner resources of clarity, openness and wisdom through the practice of attention in the present moment. It is based on the Ripa Awareness Meditation method, developed by Tibetan Buddhist teacher, Gyetrul Jigme Rinpoche, around the Buddhist techniques of Shamatha incorporating certain aspects of Vipassana.

Amrit Wagner is a certified instructor of the Ripa Awareness Meditation method and meditator for over 25 years.

Workshop held in German // English if necessary.

Normal price: 160 CHF / 140 Eur

Reduced price: 150 CHF / 130 Eur

Event organized by the Ripa International Center