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The Art of Meditation, with Matthieu Ricard


Matthieu Ricard will talk about how the practice of meditation can change the understanding of oneself and the world. His explanations will guide participants through the theory, spirituality and practical aspects of deep contemplation. Through his experience as a monk, his close reading of sacred texts and his deep knowledge of the Buddhist masters, Matthieu Ricard reveals the significant benefits that meditation - based on selfless love and compassion – can bring to each of us.

This public talk will be followed by the official opening of a photograph exhibition by Matthieu Ricard. The proceeds of sales will support the actions of the Ripa International Center - a Nyingma Buddhist Center, organizer of the event. The center is under the spiritual guidance of His Eminence Namkha Drimed Rinpoche and is committed to preserving and spreading the teachings of the Buddha for the benefits of all sentient beings.

Matthieu Ricard is a Buddhist monk, author, translator, and photographer. He first visited India in 1967 where he met great spiritual masters from Tibet. After completing his Ph.D. degree in cell genetics in 1972, he moved to the Himalayan region where he has been living for the past 45 years.

The event will be held in French with simultaneous translation into German. English upon request.

Event organized by the Ripa International Center