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In this age of information overload and with the inexorable rise in distractions, research shows that leaders are experiencing a loss of the focus and mental clarity needed to achieve superlative, sustainable results. Mindfulness training is the key to unlocking these results.

During this three-day, open programme you will:

  • Learn to enhance your performance and well-being through mindfulness
  • Acquire strategies to help you maintain focus, attention and deliver results
  • View your emotional reactions with more objectivity
  • Improve your resilience and ability to lead others through change
  • Become a wiser decision maker
  • Develop the ability to remain congruent to your values under pressure
  • Build your personal development plan for becoming a mindful leader
  • Connect with like-minded leaders

Price: CHF 3'500.– (excl. accommodation)

For more information, please call us on:
Telephone: +41 31 984 03 55 or email:

The programme starts at 10 am on the first day. Participants are expected to arrive at 9am for check-in and registration. An arrival on the previous day is possible and advisable. Please request your accommodation accordingly.

Programme will be delivered in English.


Erick Rinner Partner and Senior Trainer

A Luxemburger living in Lausanne, Erick shares his time between Potential Project, while still running Milestone Investisseurs, his private equity firm. He has been in corporate finance for 28 years including 20 years in private equity. Erick's core skills include initiating change at board level, negotiation, advising management teams on value creation and leadership. He sits on the board of companies in Luxembourg, London and Switzerland. Erick trains leaders and executives in global companies for corporate mindfulness techniques.

Erick has had a daily mindfulness practice for 12 years and is regularly on retreat. He received his MBA from Columbia Business School (Award for Excellence). Erick donates his corporate mindfulness training fees to and www.karuna-shechen.


Iris Uderstädt, Senior Trainer and Facilitator

Iris is an international facilitator, trainer and coach with the mission to support individuals, teams and a larger audience develop powerful mindfulness-based skills for success, resilience and sustainable personal and organizational well-being.
Having delivered face-to-face Corporate-Based Mindfulness Trainings as well as Online CBMT Trainings for different global companies Iris is highly capable to connect the dots between the personal needs of the individual and the current challenges of the company, able to respond to rapid changes and disruption with agility and compassion.

Her journey to daily mindfulness practice began 20 years ago. Since then she is continuously investigating the science of body, heart and mind and its impact on performance and personal life. Iris is facilitating in English and German, sometimes in French.