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A true meeting with oneself with Anja Bovisi

Hosted event


One-day horseback coaching seminar to discover yourself and solve your blockages.

We start the day with a shared meditation that will help us arrive home, root ourselves and reconnect. In the morning, with the help of the horse, we discover the blockages that prevent us from living to our full potential. After a delicious lunch prepared by Landguet Ried, we dare to take the step towards change in the afternoon.

Let yourself be surprised by the message that the horses have in store for you!

Practical information:

There is room for a maximum of 4 people

Start: 10:00 to 17:00 hours approximately

Programme Price: 180 CHF

Costs for lunch, coffee, tea and infrastructure use: CHF 35.

Registration is only valid after receipt of payment for the course.

You can bring with you: clothing depending on the weather, the activities will mainly take place outdoors.

Anja Bovisi is a federal horse expert and trained as an equestrian trainer at the Franziska Müller Academy. She enriches her training in the field of personal development and equestrian coaching with regular internships and training.