Cultivating Emotional Balance Teacher Training: 2018

The prestigious five-week teacher training, led by Eve Ekman and Alan Wallace was held at Landguet Ried, from June 19 to July 23, 2018. 

Fifty participants, mainly yoga and meditation teachers, psychotherapists, coaches and university professors coming from Argentina, Brazil, US, Mexico, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Italy shared an intensive learning experience in our premises. 

The training, aimed at equipping participants with the tools to navigate the human emotions map, is composed of a theoretical and an experiential part. 

Eve Ekman shared for two weeks the theory and science of emotions which is founded on the groundbreaking work of her father, Paul Ekman (link to his bio or personal page), an internationally renowned neuroscientist, and pioneer of the groundbreaking research on emotions.

During the last three weeks, participants were led into a silent meditation retreat, guided by Alan Wallace.

This was the last Dr Alan Wallace’s CEBTT edition, which made it a special one for everyone.

David Kremmel