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In this age of information overload and with the inexorable rise in distractions, research shows that leaders are experiencing a loss of the focus and mental clarity needed to achieve superlative, sustainable results. Mindfulness training is the key to unlocking these results.

During this three-day, open programme you will:

  • Learn to enhance your performance and well-being through mindfulness
  • Acquire strategies to help you maintain focus, attention and deliver results
  • View your emotional reactions with more objectivity
  • Improve your resilience and ability to lead others through change
  • Become a wiser decision maker
  • Develop the ability to remain congruent to your values under pressure
  • Build your personal development plan for becoming a mindful leader
  • Connect with like-minded leaders

Price: CHF 3'500.– (excl. accommodation)

For more information, please contact us:
Telephone: +41 31 984 03 55 or email:

The programme starts at 10 am on the first day. Participants are expected to arrive at 9am for check-in and registration. An arrival on the previous day is possible and advisable. Please request your accommodation accordingly.

Programme delivered in English.