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RETREAT with Manish Vyas : Music and Meditation inspired by wisdom from India

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Breathe, harmonize, listen, be:
5 days of meditation, music, yoga, introspection and sharing true wisdom from India


Shivoham… a journey into bliss and silence through simple wisdom and well-being tools. A different kind of program, based on authentic techniques and working gracefully on different vibrations, from the body to the more subtle ones. Under the guidance of Manish Vyas, who has learnt from his spiritual gurus for more than 20 years and has co-conducted with his guru 40-day retreats all over India during the past 10 years.

About the retreat
Through the use of sound, asana, pranayama, mudra, meditation, relaxation and other powerful tools including mantra, these days are a true gift to our-selves. These techniques are able to bring peace, higher vibrations and more clarity of mind.

The program focuses on graceful and easy meditation techniques done with music, singing, pranayam, asana, yoga-nidra, which are able to mobilize and change the stagnant energies in the body and the blockages in our overloaded minds, leaving us with a positive view and change of perspective.

Additionally, with teachings and stories from mystical and spiritual India absorbed over 40 years, Manish shares proper understanding, true wisdom from the source. The retreat is about practical spirituality … not philosophies or concepts, but direct understanding and application of powerful tools that the participant can easily continue applying in daily life.

Born in Gujarat, India Manish has studied and practiced music and meditation for 25 years, with different yogis and gurus since his childhood in India. He has more that 25 CDs and currently lives in St. Gallen.