Mission & Purpose

Inspired by secular Eastern traditions and values, the Fondation Landguet Ried is a non-profit organization that promotes a mindful way of living through which human, environmental and social sustainability can be attained.

The Center fulfills its mission by providing visitors with a space where they can meet, share and experience the qualities of wisdom and compassion in a calm, natural and inspiring environment. In that sense, it welcomes group organizers that develop seminars, retreats, workshops and training courses that help participants deepen self-awareness, increase well-being and develop their full personal and professional potential.

The Center also fulfils its mission through the organization of regular programmes and activities in areas that promote a mindful way of life: mindfulness training for individuals, schools and corporates, yoga, scientific encounters, compassion training, sustainable agriculture, vegetarian cooking, etc.

At an operating level, the Foundation has a vocation to serve the local community by engaging with local authorities and services in any way it can with an aim to become a vector for social sustainability.