Group organisers can find a conducive environment that promotes self-reflection and intimacy, encourages deep thinking and creativity and fosters authentic exchanges among participants.



Ideally suited for yoga and meditation teachers, human resources and leadership development departments, alternative health therapists, martial arts, qi-qong or tai-chi associations, coaches, MBSR and NLP groups.

Further, the ample outdoor facilities and the various accommodation standards offer large youth groups the possibility to gather, play, think and explore together.

All our conference rooms, which can accommodate between 10 -200 people, have tables, chairs, seat cushions, yoga mats, Wi-Fi, sound system, projector and flip charts available for hire.

Der Seminarraum Lotus ist bestens geeignet für Introspektion und tiefergehende Interaktionen
Der Raum Lotus bietet modernen Charme für Vorträge.


100 m2, capacity up to 80 people, depending on the set-up.

This room offers modern charm in a spacious and warm environment that is conducive to deep interactions, body exploration and introspection.

Thanks to its oiled wooden floors, bright walls, two sets of facing windows with views of greenery, adjustable lighting and its piano, it will provide the space for various types of memorable experiences to be shared with your peers.

Set up according to your needs: Tables and chairs, meditation cushions, yoga mats, Wi-Fi, sound system, projector and flip chart are available.

Der Seminarraum Sangha ist für Teamtagungen, Strategiemeetings und Brainstorming gedacht
Eine Lounge Ecke und direkter Zugang ins Grüne erlaubt Frischluftpausen.


50 m2, depending on the room set-up, capacity up to 25 people.

This former classroom has gone through an inspired metamorphosis and is now a seminar room with a distinct atmosphere of its own. This room is ideal for team retreats and strategy meetings, with an ideal for participants to think, write, present, discuss, brainstorm and build team spirit.

Direct access to the green oasis of Landguet outside invites you to take short or long breathing breaks, so that you can resource yourself in nature and boost your creative efforts.

Set up according to your needs: Tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, sound system, projector and flip chart are available.

Der Seminarraum Mantra erlaubt fokussiertes Arbeiten für eine kleinere Meditations- oder Therapiegruppe.
Der Raum bietet eine Schlichtheit und friedliche Atmosphäre.


40 m2, capacity up to 20 people depending on the set-up.iele.

The simplicity and quietness of this room allows for focused and effective work in a peaceful surrounding. Alternatively, this room is the perfect space for small meditation and therapy groups (family constellations, energy work, Gestalt groups, etc). Set-up according to your needs: tables and chairs Wi-Fi, sound system, projector and flip chart are available.

Der Seminarraum Yogi ist der ideale Bewegungsraum für mittelgrosse Gruppen.


70 m2, capacity up to 60 people depending on the set-up.

With its wooden floor and its generous wall of windows, this room is the ideal space for medium-sized groups, organising meditation and yoga activities, team retreats or other body therapy work.

Whether the occasion is a meeting, a training program, or a meditation retreat, you will quickly feel at home in this bright, simple and open space, that enables the group to move naturally into a free flowing exchange. Set up according to your needs: yoga mats, meditation cushions, blankets

Der Seminarraum Mandala biete vielfältige Möglichkeiten: Meditationsgruppen, Kampfsportarten, Bogenschiessen, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Theaterworkshops


290 m2, capacity up to 250 people depending on the set-up.

This multi-use venue is a very spacious room that offers various possibilities: large meditation groups, practice of Kyudo (archery), yoga, tai-chi, qi-qong, martial arts, etc.

With its own built-in stage, this large venue offers the possibility to organize public lectures and talks, performing arts, cultural events and large conferences that combine plenary keynotes with smaller workshops. Set up according to your needs: Yoga mats, meditation cushions, tables and chairs, Wi-Fi, sound system, projector.